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There is an object stuck in the toilet causing it to overflow. The toilet needs to be removed and the object needs to be taken out.

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There was gas heating in my house before I moved in, but the line was disconnected at the house by gas company as it wasn't used due to no occupancy for two years. I would like to have gas heating and water heating plumbing system installed and want an estimate. Please adivse, thanks.


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1.90 Shower membrane installation before tile?

Q. I cut a chase in sub-floor to change plumbing from a tub to a shower, i covered sub-floor with 1/4 durarock,then cement for a solid base,morter mix to slope floor towards drain i was then going to install a membrane when customers tile installer said it had to be removed and replaced that i installed it incorrectly. It was my understanding that after the membrane he was to install thinset over membrane and then tile ? can someone please help answer my questions i still am not sure if i made any mistakes i was trying to ensure a good base for durable longevity

A. The membrane goes behind the durock, and under the mortar bed, the idea is that the membrane holds all the water in and is the last defense between the wood and durock/mortar bed, thinset wont bond to the membrane, it is meant to be attached to concrete of some form whether durock or the mortar bed...putting a membrane in between will keep the the thinset from attaching properly and in turn would cause a horrible tile job, you will need to rip out everything you did and start over from the frame work, dont be surprised if this customer doesn't call you back for anymore work. i would suggest hiring a sub-contractor who knows how to do the job properly and eat the cost if you want to maintain any kind of reputation. and dont take jobs that you aren't 100% sure you know how to do. i dont suggest shoving the membrane under the mortar bed or making an attempt to "make" it work...if its not done right and it leaks you can face a law suit for future water damage because of poor installation of membrane. It has to be done right.

1.70 What does it mean when a house needs new plumbing?

Q. A realtor told this to my fiance on a house. Rather than going ahead and paying an inspector, what does this mean? What does "new plumbing" entail?

A. Well it depends on WHAT he told her....if he said new plumbing then he probably means new water AND drain lines......that would be a repipe of both systems.....but if he said new kitchen lines or bathroom lines then he meant just that......find out EXACTLY what her told her....NOW after saying that i would STILL get the inspector bacause he doesnt just check plumbing...he looks at the WHOLE house.....the framing and support.....electrical.....plumbing....foundation......roof......walls....EVERYTHING....so i would definitely get the inspector that way u will know everything thats needs fixing and not just the plumbing

1.30 How do you add plumbing without cutting into the slab?

Q. I once saw in a magazine that you can add plumbing without cutting into the slab. Yet I have not been able to find anything else on it. It was in a contractors magazine. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

A. They make rear discharge toilets that would allow the drain to be run thru a wall to the main. Don't know but they may make a set-in-place toilet and pump unit that would provide an above-the-slab forced main to the main. Check with a quality plumbing supply house. The next answer mentions a sewer sump pump but that is a big job [think a 3' dia. hole about 3' below the slab for the sump] and would involve cutting some concrete. but it would allow you to locally set fixtures and pump up to the sewer main, so it wouldn't mean cutting a long line.

1.20 How much would it cost to finish and remodel my basement?

Q. I want to rent out my basement by adding a small kitchen with a stove and oven, microwave, dishwasher,sink and two, small, counter tops. I want to add a bathroom with a corner shower, double sink vanity, and toilet. I don't have any plumbing down there. I also need to add a small walls and doors. thanks!!

A. Ollie, people often hire a remodeling contractor to do something like this--totally remodel their basement into a living place--since it usually requires a lot of trades (electrical, interior walls, etc.), and a remodeling contractor usually handles all of such trades, making it--in theory--cheaper to pay one contractor as opposed to paying each specialized-trade contractor. There are plenty of local remodeling contractors seeking to give free estimates with no obligation, and taking advantage of this is the consumer-smart way to go about finding an accurate answer to your question. It's important that you get a local estimate and not rely on guesses found here on Yah, as a lot of factors really bear on the cost of such a project, including the following: The cost of material and labor greatly varies by location. A local remodeling contractor can easily assist you in this project of yours. If you negotiate well with the contractor and he buys the building materials for you, you may try to have him pass the discounted cost of the materials to you in exchange for giving him the job, as usually contractors get discounts (called "contractor's discounts" or "contractor's price") when buying from suppliers because of the many purchases they make as required by their jobs. As I said, free estimates from local remodeling contractors are the key to your success in this home improvement project of yours. Here's a great link to a handyman site that offers free very resourceful information to assist you in determining the cost of your project, and, ultimately, selecting a local remodeling contractor in an effort to get the best deal for you: REMODELING CONTRACTOR INFO: http://yourhandymanzone.com/Your_Handyman_Zone_Free_Estimates_Remodeling_In_Gen.htm I'm sure you'll find the information you need, specifically the tips, useful as it relates to being treated fairly by contractors and exploring the consumer-wise approach of getting free written estimates to find the best contractor in your area. . Source(s): The Internet. Just whatever is available online and what I have on my mind, including the inclusion of relevant sites, like the one cited that came about from my efforts, which is intended to be useful. Helping people get the relevant info they want is great.

1.20 I paid a contractor to remodel my kitchen, why is he charging me extra to reconnect my faucet?


A. When you get a new countertop or a kitchen makeover, that does not include plumbing. Plumbing is extra and generally must be done by a licensed plumber. I had a new countertop put in my house as did my nephew and mother. None of these jobs was the plumbing hooked back up... it's just not the way it works.

1.20 How do i get started in plumbing?

Q. I'm a 20 year old female that is currently in a dead end factory job. I want to get into the plumbing industry but don't know where to start with courses, apprenticeships, learning at home and everything that is on offer now. If anyone has done this or knows someone that has, or if anyone knows of any companies that take on apprentices it would be really helpful. Especially if anyone knows of any female plumbing companies.

A. Forget it! there's no work for plumbers never mind apprentices. firms all over the uk are goin out of buisness or shortening there workload so id stay away for a couple of years. dont listen to people who say woman cant be plumbers etc... half the guys i work with would be better of in a tutu!

1.20 Is it possible to open your own one man plumbing company?

Q. My father in law in the union for plumbers and has to work two more years before he can retire but because the union has jobs that only last for a few months at a time it wouldn't benefit him because it has to be a consistent two years of work. So, what i want to know is, is it possible for him to open his own union plumbing business. not a shop where you buy plumbing parts, etc. but he would be the plumber himself, with out breaking any union rules and where he could retire in two years with his union benefits?

A. Sure,just don't get flushed with excitement !

1.20 How difficult is it to get electricity and plumbing for a backyard pond that is 33 feet away from the house?

Q. According to my previous research about ponds, I will need an electricity and plumbing source for a pump in a pond. I would like my pond to be around 100 gallons maximum. So how difficult is it to bring electricity and plumbing to my desired location? Thanks-- any help will work!

A. I have 2 ponds, both over 100 gallons, 40' from my house, and the only plumbing I have ever needed is in my outside water faucet, with my hose attached. If you want electricity, I paid a handy man $300. He dug the trench, laid the conduit, wired the box and tapped into my household circuit.

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